Omelette the Corgi

om nom nom~
Omelette Oakenshield is a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was born on June 1st, 2013 and he lives in sunny SoCal.

I went on a Target run, and at the top of my shopping list was corgnelius's new book! Omelette drooled on it already.

See Scout swim.

Rhys is telling the most hilarious joke.

Group photo! Omelette was the weakest link and kept trying to run off to be first in line for treats. Ugh, need to work more on his modeling training.

We had a blast at the pool with kumathecorgi, rhysthecorgi, gatsbyadventures, bebopthecorgi, chefsays, and Omelette’s sister Foxy. :)



Scoutsby had a lot of fun hanging out with their corgi buddies yesterday at the doggie water park. Here they are with kumathecorgi, bebopthecorgi, omelettethecorgi, rhysthecorgi, and Foxy (Omelette’s sister). 

I must have taken like, 25 of these photos on my phone hoping that I’d get at least ONE good group photo. It was quite the ordeal getting them all to pose nicely, and getting them all to stay in one place. (And I think Kuma’s dad volunteered to sacrifice his fingers and be the designated ‘treat giver’ for the photos.)

We didn’t do too badly considering how many there were haha. Thanks to Kuma’s dad, too, for being the sacrificial treat-giver! :)

Yaaaaaaaaay they’re all so happy! And hungry for treats!

Just a couple of slinky dogs.

Found the Marvel fabric at Jo-Ann’s fabric store. Frantic bandana-making ensued.