Omelette the Corgi

om nom nom~
Omelette Oakenshield is a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was born on June 1st, 2013 and he lives in sunny SoCal.

Omelette close-up.


More photos from Corgi Beach Day: rhysthecorgi, omelettethecorgi, Arya, m-coco-m, gatsbyadventures, and Trinket.

He thinks that’s his best angle.


Corgi Beach Day photos from my phone. Featuring m-coco-m, trinketbaby, omelettethecorgi, and bebopthecorgi.

The first picture!! Gatsby and Trinket look so happy and Ookii looks so Ookii. :D

"Hi!" *wiggles ear at you*



Starring: gatsbyadventures

Featuring: omelettethecorgi and bebopthecorgi

With a thud, nails dug into the soft ground as his paw settled outside his door. One after another, Gatsby strode forward, down the garden path and through the front gate. His belly grazing the morning dew from the…

Ahh! bentleyandcorgski's hooman wrote a cute little short story featuring Scoutsby (and a couple of their corgi friends)! What a fun read. Thank you!

THIS IS THE COOLEST THING. Om has a cameo in bentleyandcorgski's hooman's story (dare I say fanfic?). So awesome! Thank you!!! Now Om needs a treasure hunter outfit. :D

Omelette is excited for Corgi Beach Day tomorrow! He’ll be wearing his sleeveless Cap “beachwear” shirt. He’s looking forward to seeing his corgbuddies, frapping like a lunatic, and getting covered head to toe in wet sand.

*angelic music*

Little water bunny.

That little corgster silhouette is Omelette.