Omelette the Corgi

om nom nom~
Omelette Oakenshield is a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was born on June 1st, 2013 and he lives in sunny SoCal.

"I’m bored, lets play a game! 25 points if it lands in the cone, 50 points in the mouth."  (Back when he had his cone).



Holding hands while riding home on the trolley.

A coworker alerted me to this video by our local KPBS. Quick shot of Omelette at 0:22! And according to my coworker, the author of the article mentioned on the radio that her favorite costume was a Captain America welsh corgi! EEEEEEE I CANT EVEN

Omelette’s Comic Con excursion was a success! We were there for just a few hours in the morning and mainly wandered around outside, across the street from the convention center (no animals allowed in the building, except service animals). We took it really easy to avoid overwhelming Omelette and spent most of our time sitting in the shade and people-watching. 

Om blew me away by how well behaved he was. He was so friendly when people wanted to pet him; he’d pose when people wanted pictures of him; he walked really well on his leash; he wore his outfit without complaint; etc etc. Honestly since it was his first time I was preparing for a corgis-gonna-corg situation, but he was fantastic. Very very proud of my little guy!

Now he’s off to “corgi camp” at the breeder’s for the next couple days while his humans enjoy the rest of SDCC. :)

P.S. HUGE THANK YOU to captain-corgi for her tips on bringing a pet to a con. Kali and her mom are our heroes!!!

My apologies. I’ll see myself out.

Omelette is psyched about going to Comic Con tomorrow! He’s soooooo excited about maybe meeting his hero so he made a sign. I told him to cross out the word “autograph” and we’re good to go.

Family feud. (with sister Foxy)

Be on the lookout for this sock thief. Last seen in corgdad’s closet searching for his next fix.