Omelette the Corgi

om nom nom~
Omelette Oakenshield is a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was born on June 1st, 2013 and he lives in sunny SoCal.

Post-meetup sandy puppy.

Omelette and his littermate sister Foxy at Fiesta Island. Don’t be fooled by their snarly faces; they really do love each other.

Sophie was Omelette’s swim coach. Omelette would watch Sophie’s paddling technique and then want to try it himself. Sophie’s so good at swimming!

Before the Fiesta Island meet up, Omelette would tend to avoid the water. But now he loooves the water! He’s still a little shakey with swimming, but he really likes wading and running along the shore. On the way back to the car he wanted to walk through the water until the last possible moment. 

It was really funny to watch him swim because he would start to tip to one side! You can kind of see him leaning in the second picture. He needed some help to be upright again (third pic). 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Omelette is the cutest. Who's his breeder?
omelettethecorgi omelettethecorgi Said:

Awww thank you! Omelette is from Lisa Bigelbach of Bigelbach Corgis, in Valley Center, CA. Her website is and you can also find Lisa and her corgis on Facebook. She does corgi boarding too!

Omelette’s mom is Abby (Bigelbach’s Dancing in the Moonlight) and his dad is Traveler (Ciregna’s Truckin & Traveling Express).

Omelette with his friends/family at the Fiesta Island meet up. Foxy, Sophie (thelifeofsophiethecorgi), Sir Bentley (chloesirbentleycomet), and Hammy!

Fiesta Island corgi meet up! :D

My sister said Om has doge face in this picture.


Beady hamster eyes.